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Welcome to the Island Clash store! Here, you can purchase a number of different items or perks to give you cosmetic bonuses, or speed up the time it takes you to do something. We are big believer's in no 'Pay2Win', which means that purchasing things here do not unbalance the game, or make it unfair for players who do not. Choose a category at the side to see what there is on offer!


"Making a server that is this custom, on this scale, takes a lot of time and money to pay the talented team that create Island Clash. Purchasing something from this store not only shows your appreciation for this server, but greatly helps us continue to expand, and add awesome new expansions for you guys. So thanks in advance for being the reason Island Clash continues to grow!"

- Jed, owner of Island Clash


Merch Storeshop.spreadshirt.net/islandclash

Please note we make no profit off of merchandise sales



If you have a question about the store, any of the items on it, or have an issue with payments, then please email support@islandclash.com. We try and respond within 24 hours!



The Island Clash server is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB.